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Free VIPRE Mobile Security Software For iPhone & Blackberry

Download & Install Vipre Mobile Security Software?

So many security software designed by the prominent firm to satisfy its consumers. But sometimes it makes the user become confused in deciding where you want to use antivirus. One antivirus for mobile phones. I think cell phones have become a familiar item and may also be a luxury item, therefore it takes a security software that will keep it at any time. For those of you who are looking for mobile security software, why not try VIPRE MOBILE SECURITY.

VIPRE is a very well-known antivirus products and has many mobile phone users are satisfied with its performance. VIPRE Mobile Security is recommended as one of the best mobile security software and it is feasible to protect your phone. And certainly, the main function of VIPRE is to keep your phone from the threat of viruses, malware, adware, and identity thieves. VIPRE Mobile Security is also a lot of award-winning antivirus. There are many benefits and features available in this antivirus, see below:


1. Antivirus
VIPRE has an ability to perform a virus scan automatically, you just set it up alone. And in real-time protection is what you get and your cell phone safe from viruses, malware, spyware, trojans and hackers. Blocking all things suspicious, malicious websites and provide comfort and security when you shop online via mobile phones.

2 Safe & Data Backup
Secure all your data stored in Android, iPhone or Blackberry from loss caused by viruses or hackers. Before that happens do the back-up automatically every day or every week. Despite being a security on your phone, you never know when those files will be lost due to deleted or anything else.

3 Finding a Cell Phone Lost / Stolen
VIPRE Mobile Security has the ability to find and protect your mobile device is lost or stolen. Turn off your phone so thieves can not access your cell phone freely through VIPRE account.

4 Alarm security
Sometimes people misplace their phone or tablet even though it was nearby. Login to the site VIPRE Mobile Security to have sound an alarm call, even if it’s on silent.

5 Location Tracking
This feature is very helpful owner of the phone, because a lot of interesting things you can get from this. There is a map that will show the location of your phone is located. Mobile Security from VIPRE site, you can follow in the footsteps of websites that never opened, read text messages sent and received.

There are many benefits available in VIPRE Mobile Security, it is time to secure your personal information and other important files from virus attacks, malware and hackers. And it is VIPRE antivirus solutions Mobile Security.

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