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Download Free Android Antivirus APK 2014

Free xCore Antivirus 2014

xCore Antivirus is a comprehensive security software to protect Android OS device . As a security software that serves to keep the phone from being infected virus , malware , adware , spyware and worms . xCore Antivirus be highly effective security solutions to operational quality and high functionality .

No need to bother anymore to keep your cell phone because xCore Antivirus ready to take care of all your cell phones , ranging from security , red and swollen and restore data, anti -theft and much more . This antivirus works well and unlike others , seen during a walk with fast file scanning.

xCore Antivirus 2014 for Android

xCore Antivirus is equipped with autoscanning which helps to get rid of pop – up ads useless potentially damage your system . It also automatically perform a virus scan to detect any suspicious activity as soon as possible and will notify you . xCore Antivirus 2014 embedded web filter that allows the user safe from phishing web web – harmful , malicious web quickly all will be blocked and made ​​renewal automatic .

The advantage of using xCore 2014 Antivirus for Android :

  • Complete integration with your operating system – Android 2.3.3 and higher
  • It does not load the device system
  • Your device can always be relied upon protected
  • Blocks and removes malicious apps from your device
  • extensive functionality impress all with the simplicity of use
  • Economic net traffic you are limited because the small size and signature file updates
  • You have the opportunity to select the required parameters in the settings
  • You may use the licensed ” xCore Antivirus 2014 for Android ” for free during test period
  • Simple , nice and modern interface that is suitable for each user
  • Complete and full control over your device security

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