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How to Remove “Your browser has been locked” Mac OS X virus

Simple Steps To Remove “Your browser has been locked” 

At first glance we thought that the Mac operating system is one of the outstanding technology, and rarely there is news stating that no harmful interference is caused by malware or viruses. However this doesn’t cover the possibility that the virus could be infected and this is evidenced by the “Your browser has been locked” Virus.

The cyber criminals may have got the “award” because it can create the ransomware and able to penetrate the defenses of the Mac OS. Because usually many cyber criminals to attack Windows and demanded hundreds of dollars in order to open up their computer back. “Your browser has been locked” Virus is a type of malware that infects Mac OS and system blocking their browsers, namely Safari.

“Your browser has been locked” Mac OS X virus

“Your browser has been locked” Mac OS X virus

“Your browser has been locked” Viruse is FAKE and don’t mind if you see things like this, just delete it from the PC. Most computer users are Mac OS feel safe and not too concerned with the security of the PC, this is a niche area of ​​cyber criminals send malware into your PC.

Then how about “Your browser has been locked” Virus deceive you?

“Your browser has been locked” Viruses are malicious programs that infect only Mac OS and pretend as the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They claim that your computer detected criminal activities such as the distribution of pornographic material, SPAM or copyrighted content. At the time of infecting Mac OS, it will soon be plowing Safari Web Browser. So every time you want to access this program always can’t. In order to re-open you have to pay $ 300 in the form of vouchers MoneyPak.

You need to remember when to see it, the notice contains false will appear like this:

  Your web browser has been locked.
    All PC data will be retained and will start criminal proceedings against you if the fine is not going to be paid.

Furthermore, to make it more convincing fake program users, it included the ability to access the webcam in your PC / laptop.So “Your browser has been locked” This virus can show what is happening in your room. Under no circumstance should you send the code MoneyPak against cyber criminals, and if you have, you may have to request a refund, stating that you are a victim of computer viruses and scams.

Want to Remove “Your browser has been locked” Virus?? Follow the steps provided in the video below

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