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Best Ways to Activating AVG Anti-Theft Service

How to Find Your Lost Phone ???

Who is not familiar with AVG Security Software? One of the most popular security programs and has been used by millions of people in this world. Even many IT experts recommend security software. In addition, AVG has earned numerous awards for categories of computer security most effective and most widely sought after.

One of the features available in AVG Security Software products are AVG Anti-Theft. This feature was developed to help you from identity thieves / hackers. Good for mobile or PC version, so when your device is lost or stolen, then you can quickly locate it. But to get the security service you need to register first, Once registered, you can easily Search, Lap, Shout or Lock your device through the Remote Management web interface.

AVG Anti-Theft

False positive alarms

This week the AVG has received a false report of the forum. AVG Antivirus can detect a valid application when a malicious program code created malware with AVG. So AVG applying the latest mechanisms to anticipate the false report.

AVG Firewall missing

We want to let you know that this is not an error but to inform the user that the layers of protection available. It is only displayed in AVG AntiVirus and AVG free edition as Firewall protection is part of AVG Internet Security and AVG Premium Security. If you want to maximize your protection and enable the Firewall in AVG Firewall you click on the button and follow the displayed instructions.

Application vProtect

Please note that a process called vprot.exe (vProtect Application) is a legitimate part of the AVG toolbar. If you would like more information, we have set up what vProtect Applications and vprot.exe article where you can find more details and instructions on how to fix common problems.

AVG PC Tuneup 2014 BETA

Introducing new products from AVG about AVG PC Tuneup 2014 BETA, there are two new features that are not in other security programs. Ie Duplicate Finder that allows you to find and remove duplicate files on computer. Then there is the Flight Mode which serves to turn off Wifi and Bluetooth automatically when not in use thus saving battery power.

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