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Millions of computer users suffer due to any fraudulent activities online is increasing rapidly . Cyber ​​criminals to be a scary thing for any computer user because it is very harmful . So that if your computer, laptop or mobile phone we are not protected by the right antivirus may be one of the victims of the cyber criminals . Coupled with increasingly sophisticated technology does not cover the possibility of getting free cyber criminals to hack your privacy and abused . Such as stealing personal identity , steal money from your account and give you the things that are not good for your kids . All that really can be done without the computer owner’s knowledge.

K7 Total Security

Introducing K7 TOTAL SECURITY – is one of the most comprehensive security software and has been recognized by the security industry worldwide . Provide the most complete security features to prevent bad things from cyber criminals . Download and install K7 TOTAL SECURITY awaiting now and do not you be the next victim !

Excess K7 Total Security :

  • Comprehensive control devices
  • Settings for read / write / execute for external devices .
  • USB disk scan as soon as they are connected
  • Prevent dangerous autoruns when an external device is plugged in.
  • Vaccination of infected USB drive

The Most Complete Security Package from K7 Total Security :
vulnerability Scanner

  • This feature allows the computer to detect and inform the user something about the virus -infected software , faster and more accurate

Internet Security

  • Stealth mode makes the system look and detected by the computer when it is connected to the internet
  • Improved security against the threat of viruses , malware , adware , Trojans and spyware
  • Automatic decision to prevent the spread of the virus that does not affect the damage is more severe
  • Intelligent IDS to stop network -based attacks

Web Protection

  • Safe Search feature that serves to identify any url you want to access is secure or virus -infected
  • Safe Surf – site verification and block phishing sites are not safe .
  • Identity protection – Password security warning automatically when inserted into a site that is not secure .

Nano technology

  • One of the modern technology in the field of security which has many functions , such as careful in analyzing and preparing multiple layers of various events to detect and block threats

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